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the realm of enterprise iot solutions is awash with options. companies that start with well-engineered aeps retain the power to push back against unexpected delays and problems because they can quickly implement and test changes. the typical unmanaged iot migration, for instance, is a prime example of how messy things can get.

since users can reprogram how things work on the fly, they can accomplish a broader variety of tasks and react to new challenges. although the business processes and iot sensors that dominate such domains necessarily differ, modern corporate life doesn’t have to be a confusing jumble of advanced tech. for instance, offices and teams commonly create their own iot solutions to provide leadership with fresh perspectives. picking an aep can seem tough with so many possibilities, but a few leaders stand out from the pack.

a best-in-class aep will not only provide a secure, reliable, and scalable underlying iot platform with all of the essential technology and service components but will also provide a complete set of tools and workflows to enable the efficient creation of unique/bespoke applications. specific predictive maintenance solutions enable an aep to increase the scope and value of the lego blocks you need to realize your complete and powerful application – all accelerating your iot value creation. scalability and reliability: today’s market demands that the platform can scale to support millions of devices with different usage and technology characteristics.

extensibility and flexibility: a critical value of an aep is the ease with which new, and even unexpected features and capabilities can be added. ability to future-proof: the best iot aep enables the creation of future-proofed, secure, reliable, and scalable applications faster. and, an aep solution provides clear and dramatic advantages to cost, risk, and time to market – which may be the difference between success and failure of the program. flex83 offers an industry-leading aep with all of the capabilities discussed above, all in one product.

an aep is a form of platform-as-a-service meant to enable a developer to rapidly deploy an iot application or service without worrying about 8 benefits of an iot application enablement platform (aep) 1. aeps are built around flexible cores 2. aeps are extensible 3. aeps make organizational transforma insights’ iot application enablement platform (aep) peer benchmarking 2020 report analyses the strategies and capabilities of twelve, application enablement platform providers, application enablement platform providers.

an application enablement platform (aep) is a technology-centric offering optimized to deliver a best-of-breed, industry-agnostic, extensible the iot application enablement space has continued to grow into one of the most critical technology sectors of the internet of things. machnation’s 2021 iot aep scorecard includes amazon, exosite, google, huawei, ibm, losant, microsoft, siemens, software ag, and 4 others., .

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