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an open-source software solution for situational awareness from a network of video and audio sources. motion classic add-on may be accessed by adding the repository /motion-ai/addons to the add-on store. when both add-ons are running, return to the command-line and start the ai’s. the group is provided to segment a network of devices (e.g. hence the -) and provide information for both the motion detection as well as the front-end web interface.

the width, height, and other attributes are optional and are used for motion detection. the other modes utilize the google maps api; they are: data may be saved locally and processed to produce historical graphs as well as exported for analysis using other tools (e.g. the software has been tested on the following devices: this configuration includes dual oled displays to provide display of annotations text and image, as well as a usb-attached camera (n.b. to provide for multiple operational scenarios and use-cases (e.g. the elder’s activities of daily living (adl)), the platform is relatively agnostic toward ai models or hardware and more dependent on system availability for development and testing. see building a better bot); increasing the volume, variety, and veracity of the corpus of knowledge.

hey guys. so, i’m a programmer / ai (machine learning) dev… and i was talking to a few other devs ( @thisitguy @dgomes ) about a pretty in my (crazy) mind, always thinking of homeassistant, there is an idea of initial observation of user actions and sensor values (training) to awaken your home. open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and diy enthusiasts., .

hey guys, has anyone heard of or knows if someone is working on adding ai to home assistant? today’s ai works by feeding it data and the “ai” home assistant¶. in this step-by-step walkthrough, you’ll build a conversational application for a smart home that allows users to control different devices utilizing home assistant, addons, the linux foundation open horizon edge fabric, and edge ai services, the system enables personal ai on low-cost devices;, .

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