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amx (formerly amx, llc) is an american manufacturer of video switching and control devices. miller served as chief executive officer and president of amx, llc (alternative name amx corporation). [1] amx designs and manufactures hardware and software for the distribution of video within meeting spaces, as well as across buildings or the globe using ip. [2] amx invented the world’s first touch panel dedicated to room automation in 1988. prior to 1999, amx traded as amx corp. it then changed its name to panja inc.[6] in 2001, it changed its name to amx inc.[7] on november 1, 2006, amx announced it had acquired endeleo, a uk-based manufacturer of analog audio visual distribution technologies. [8] just over a month later on december 4, 2006, amx announced the acquisition of another signal switching and routing company, washington-based autopatch.

[11] on october 2, 2007, amx again announced the acquisition of another uk-based company, procon technology, a company that specializes in configurable control keypad systems, switchers and distribution amplifiers. [12][13] in less than a year, amx had acquired five companies, bringing its combined employee head count to over six hundred. [14] on march 21, 2014, harman international industries, incorporated announced it had signed an agreement with the duchossois group, inc. and its affiliates to acquire amx llc for us$365 million. an example was the “axcent3 integrated axcess controller” which had 6 rs-232/rs-485 serial ports, 8 relays, 6 infrared/serial ports and 6 input/outputs. serial ports can send and receive serial strings, typically ascii instructions and replies. ir ports can send infrared signals which emulate typical remote control devices that control (for instance) televisions and vcrs. amx supplies an ide known as netlinx studio which allows a proprietary language to be edited, compiled and sent to the axcent controller.

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amx (formerly amx, llc) is an american manufacturer of video switching and control devices. it is currently owned by samsung electronics through harman inventor of the control panel, amx has been leading innovation in automation and video distribution for more than 30 years. its philosophy of “av for an it amx is a manufacturer of system wide switching and audio and video signal distribution, digital signage, technology management, and control and automation, amx company, amx france, amx modules, amx touch panel, amx svsi, amx new products, amx telecom, amx asset management, amx help, amx dealers.

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