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for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on javascript in your browser. applied fluid power connect™ is a holistic, custom iot solution developed for real-world business needs. it addresses the primary challenges facing many organizations looking to implement a mobile or industrial iot solution. read more applied fluid power connect™, is a mobile and industrial iot solution developed for how your company actually runs. and with over the air (ota) technology, you can be on-site even when you’re in the office or across the globe. does your fleet only leverage parts and machinery from one supplier?

applied fluid power connect™ is a holistic, custom iot solution developed for real-world business needs. monitor machinery in the field. there are plenty of iot devices that can read and regurgitate data. applied fluid power connect™, not only collects data, it can communicate with you and your team, control machine and programming devices, and analyze the information you need to make better business decisions. and when it comes to preserving the quality of your and your customer’s machines reduce the chances aftermarket or second-hand parts dealers to capture your aftermarket sales with inferior parts and service. applied fluid power connect™ helps you protect your aftermarket share by accessing data to preserve the quality of your machine and your reputation with original parts.

the incredible amount of data and business opportunities generated by iot will create a vital need for employees in all industries to have baseline knowledge of iot, how it functions and how it will transform their job responsibilities. the knowledge and skills deepen the participants’ understanding of company iot solutions and gives the participants a more robust proficiency in understanding of how routine tasks can be automated to collect data that can drive decision making. upon completion of this hands-on experience, participants will build on the fundamentals learning in the iot level 1 course and create actions based on the insights from their iot solutions.

the program then involves the adjustment of technological systems considering the data from the iot solutions. the concept of iot was introduced in 1999 by kevin ashton, co-founder of mits autoid lab. in addition to “smart city” applications throughout the world, iot applications are being used in many businesses to collect real-time data on all kinds of processes which are then converted to metrics for analytics to improve all aspects of business operations. the modern workforce must not only possess the knowledge and skills to run machinery, deal with supply chain processes and work collaboratively, the need for an understanding of “smart machines,” data collection in real time, data management and communicating data-driven information quickly is now essential.

applied fluid power connect™ is a holistic, custom iot solution developed for real-world business needs. track your fleet. monitor machinery in the field. this course builds on the skills and concepts learned in our iot – fundamentals course and helps enrollees learn direct application of iot technologies applied iot cluster – providing expertise & resources across the internet of things technology from sensors to process implementation, the applied iot, what is internet of things , what is internet of things , iot devices, applied artificial intelligence.

the applied iot cluster harnesses the expertise, skills, imaginations and equipment of five enterprise ireland technology gateways and specialises in applying state of the art internet of things technologies to new and existing products, processes and services. applied learning algorithms for intelligent iot clearly articulates ml and dl algorithms that can be used to unearth predictive and prescriptive insights farmers are using meaningful insights from the data to yield better return on investment. sensing for soil moisture and nutrients, controlling applied iot & analytics features at the upcoming iot tech expo north america! register now to learn from and connect with industry leaders and innovators, .

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