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it’s something that the mexican firm smartlab understands, given their history of wins in this category in the cedia awards: there’s a unique set of skills that an integrator needs to bring to a multiple dwelling unit project. to do this, the integrator needs to be a bit predictive: what will every resident likely need – and where? that involved top of the line finishes, services and the control4 home automation systems that gives their sales team the edge when selling these properties. “all common areas were completely automated: lobbies, business centers, fitness centers, kids’ playrooms, and outdoor spaces. “in the individual units a basic system is installed that can be then expanded.

we included video distribution and av connection interfaces for the business center. we also provided lighting control with automatic and manual scenes, and touch screens that can control all of the described services and communicate with the units. these sensors will recognize users via their phone’s bluetooth signature and automatically press their pre-programmed floor on the elevator controls. it’s a  technology that can help prevent bacteria spread and fight viruses such as covid. shades open and close automatically as well.” the front desk of this building can trigger a variety of events, too: “the concierge can enable scenes based on their current needs. a night scene turns the music off and sets the lights to their desired state in all zones.” in awarding smartlab top honors for this sprawling project, cedia’s judges noted the excellent wire management here.

the firm you choose will design, engineer, and provide documentation for all stages of the project, while working in tandem with the design-build team and related trades. find out whether the firm met their expectations for budget, schedule, and end result. while not all firms maintain a showroom, many are able to use their expertise to demonstrate the components and systems that could take your project to the next level. you’re paying for their knowledge and expertise. a qualified integrator has the knowledge, skill, and experience to execute proper planning and offer a realistic quote. don’t be afraid to ask them how long they’ve been in business, and ask them if they’ve done projects similar to yours.

cedia offers ongoing professional development and is the industry’s only certifying body in the field of residential technology. ask your prospective integration firm if they have qualified as the top tier cedia member of excellence or advanced member and whether they employ cedia certified professionals.. your integrator should be involved at the beginning of the project, and should be meeting with the designers and builders, whether you’re putting in a dedicated media room or building a brand new smart home. complex systems may require changes to the build plans — for instance, to accommodate placement and ventilation of electronic components or a tv lift that will conceal the display when it’s not in use. their questions will generally be exploratory and lifestyle/usage-related so they can discover how you will use the system and make sure they deliver the best experience. — have you ever had a system like this before? what did you like and not like about it?

here’s a starter guide that addresses some of the more common systems that are part of what’s often called “smart home” technology. cedia is the leading global organization for the smart home technology industry, serving more than 3500 members from 77 countries. the aim of these cedia smart home infrastructure. recommended guidelines is to provide homeowners, design and build professionals, and developers., cedia members, cedia members, cedia certified, cedia awards 2021, cedia tech summit 2022.

check out this starter guide to journey through what’s possible in your smart home. smartlab explains how they tackled this job: “the power of home automation is included in all 164 units of this luxurious residential cedia offers basic and advanced training to prepare you to set up and install smart home technology systems. this specialized, hands-on installer training, cedia expo, cedia login, cedia 2022, cedia courses, cedia academy, cedia membership cost, cedia cit, cedia wikipedia, cedia designer, cedia logo.

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