comfort home automation

in the event of any alarm, the system can dial to 8 telephone numbers including central monitoring station (a service which monitors alarms from alarm systems which are subscribed), and mobile phones to announce the cause of the alarm. with comfort, home security and home appliances can be linked together to act intelligently, so that for example, when the system is armed to away mode, all the lights, air-conditioning, or other appliances can be switched off; or when you come home at night, the car porch light and main entrance light can be turned on automatically. comfort can control lighting, home appliances, curtains, heating, air-conditioning, home entertainment- in fact almost anything in the home. the real time status of the lights and appliances is announced so you can check before switching anything on or off.

each user can access  messages by using their own pin code in the home phone, remote phone or keypad. when no one is at home and the security is armed to away mode, the system can dial to your mobile phone to let you talk to the visitor just like you were at home, and allows you to open the door for friends, delivery staff or hired help. the comfort controller, cp9000 is the brains of the system. a ringer module (rgr05) is required to ring the house phones when door stations are used. the ucm/eth03 allows comfort apps to control comfort, and also allows the sending of emails in the event of alarms.

cytech europe’s comfort intelligent home system combines an integrated intruder alarm with home automation that can control lighting, heating, curtains and blinds, appliances, audio and video working together intelligently. simple to operate, comfort provides security, convenience and energy-saving. control it from keypads, touchscreens, remote controls, a mobile, by computer or automatically via set time programmes. · control any device connected to the system · switch on the garden lights · create atmosphere with varied lighting scenes · “magic” a hidden tv from a faux bookcase · heat up the bath water · hear a reminder on a talking keypad · open or draw the curtains or blinds · check on security from anywhere in the world · have your lighting and appliances respond automatically to alarms or security events. · on a computer screen look all around the house · talk to a visitor at the door before you let them in from a keypad, home phone, or by your mobile when you are out.

comfort is a full-featured intruder alarm system with dialer, telephone control, multiple security modes, which is linked to appliances, lights and other comfort intruder alarm and home automation controller. the control panel is the brain of the comfort system, with 8 inputs, 8 outputs (expandable to 216 cytech europe’s comfort intelligent home system combines an integrated intruder alarm with home automation that can control lighting, heating, curtains and, cytech alarm, cytech alarm, cytech security, cytech biz, cytech keypad.

smart home technology adds convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. it’s pretty cool too! solutions available for new construction and existing homes. comfort home automation/ security system forums ; new posts, forum/website comments/suggestions, changes or addition to forums and categories and the comfort and convenience of home automation systems by lelch audio video monitor video feeds control appliances get latchkey alerts remotely lock/unlock, home automation, smart home.

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