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ava is set to enter the market with solutions in the audio and control categories and its first two products are a 2.1 audio system and smart home remote control. the company says the new product solutions pair together seamlessly, and to ensure the performance of the audio components the swiss/american company worked with the noted european audio manufacturer revox. not only is this how music is recorded, but it is also the best way to reproduce the experience intended by the artist and the sound engineers. the company explains that its 2.1 system is intended as a true stereo solution that includes a pair of speakers and a companion subwoofer.

ava points out the b1 bass module connects to the a1 speakers via kleer, a wireless high-performance audio protocol that is said to offer zero latency. ava also notes the speaker includes an integrated touch interface that provides access to a number of controls, including instant startup of up to five preset favorites directly from the speaker. powered by a quad-core, 2ghz processor the ava remote is said to be the world’s first google-certified remote control. the remote features a high-density touchscreen, along with an integrated speaker and a microphone that supports google assistant or intercom applications. in addition, once a user picks up the remote it wakes to life.

in a prepared announcement, control4 said, “neeo is the first control4 handheld remote to combine the benefits of hard buttons and a touchscreen.” that may be a first for control4, but it is hardly a first for the industry. the touchscreen is said to be bright, clear and colorful. coupling the hard keys for common functions with the touchscreen for one-touch access to favorites and other functions is all designed to make system control simpler and more intuitive for the end-user.

“the control 4 smart home operating system delivers a unified experience across the entire home that is highly personal.” “the experience that control4 and the control4 smart home operating system provides is one that unifies all of the smart home experiences for the family across the entire home. “and today, we’re introducing neeo, which is a touchscreen remote control that delivers the most highly refined control of entertainment and smart home devices through the control4 smart home os 3 platform.” when it comes to talking about the smart home experience, what control4 hears from users, kindel says, “it’s all about removing complexity. focusing on business strategy, my goal is to help you make better decisions for greater success.

the neeo remote is thoughtfully engineered to control your home media experience and unify the smart home by leveraging the power of control4 smart home os 3. to turn on the remote: press and hold the physical power button for about three seconds. the remote powers on and displays the default room screen. turning off there is no denying it, the control4 neeo remote feels like a super sleek mobile phone but is slightly longer and less wide. it may even be as, .

bringing years of custom electronics market experience together, the founder of neeo raphael oberholzer, and former control4 executive ted neeo – smart home remote & hub | the universal home automation system which controls your tv, music, philips hue, roku, amazon fire tv and 60’000 other devices! control4 announced today the lauch of the neeo remote for control4, the first product from their acquisition of the swiss company neeo back, .

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