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i am strongly considering buying a raspberry pi and setting up home assistant. i have a rather elaborate system of amazon alexa routines and google home routines that accomplish 95% of what i feel i would want to automate with home assistant. logic gates are cumbersome, but you only have to set them up once. i feel they are robust in the sense that they always work and i don’t have to update software or integrations.

regarding home assistant, i don’t care for a dashboard or a unified application on my smartphone. really, i see the value for home assistant in the limitless home automation space – particularly with automation sensitivity to conditions and quantitative sensor input. i want to see the best of the community home automation examples to push me over the edge and spring for home assistant! cumbersome, but this is the main way to create logic gates in alexa routines. but alexa can restrict routines to one sensor condition (routine toggling routines) or maximally two conditions (if the second condition is time/day of the week).]

home assistant is an open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. powered by a worldwide i have automated lights using motion detectors and sunset/sunrise sensors in ha, we rarely switch light switches these days. automated the automations in home assistant allow you to automatically respond to things that happen. you can turn the lights on at sunset or pause the music when you, best home assistant integrations, best home assistant integrations, home assistant ideas, home assistant dashboard examples, home assistant ideas reddit.

my 16 must-have automations ideas good night – i press a button when go to sleep and it switches off all lights, all media players, arm the status, motion, illumination, temp and humidity is what it monitors and displays. i build them with a circular addressable led on the front so, awesome home assistant, home assistant themes. 10 creative home automation ideas + set upwake up shades.bathroom motion lights.nfc tag playlist.calendar busy lights power outage music everywhere notification.empty the vacuum reminder.thermostat visitor mode. my 9 favorite home assistant automationshvac automations.led light automations.garage door alerts.alarm/security automations.panic buttons.fireplace monitoring.irrigation automation.

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