crestron smart system

we are here to answer any questions you might have or assist you with a project. crestron home automation:  the dream of having a smart home is unique for everyone, our expert designers can help you bring that dream into reality with crestron home automation. whether you manually activate a program or let it all run on automated timers, home automation lets you maintain the perfect atmosphere at any time, day or night. you open your home automation app and hit the “away” program. let your crestron smart home system take care of everything and never worry about whether or not you turned everything off. having your home automatically lower the thermostat and turn off lights and other appliances while you’re away can save up to 25% or more on your usual energy bill. integrate your system with residential solar and energy storage to manage how energy is consumed and how devices are powered throughout your home for even more savings.

with our extensive collection of intuitive control options, the crestron smart home experience is always at your command. this is largely due to the fact they are one of the only companies that designs, manufactures and supports such a full spectrum of smart home solutions. we choose creston home automation products for our customers because our mission is to provide the best possible user experience in everything we install. when you choose digital lifestyle solutions you are choosing a crestron system that provides an amazingly personalized and worry-free system that is easy for you to use, modify, upgrade, and maintain. we can put together a perfectly custom fit home automation system for anyone. just answer a few questions and we will provide you with options and prices most suitable for your needs. you can count on our professionals to install and set up your smart home system so it’s all ready to go with zero maintenance from you.

with crestron, everything in the home is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. your home becomes more secure, comfortable, and convenient. engaging and equitable. crestron flex video conferencing plus intelligent video. a better experience for everyone. in-person or remote. learn more. prices do not include the cost of installation, configuration, programming, delivery, or applicable taxes. *advertised price is crestron’s suggested discounted, crestron vs control4, crestron vs control4, crestron control system, crestron audio, crestron download.

crestron home takes a different approach. it works with a (growing) subset of the regular crestron hardware, from switches to shades and crestron is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating technology and reinventing the way people live and work. nothing is more important than the safety of your family. crestron interfaces with many smart security systems to ensure a completely secure home. equipped with, crestron touch panel, crestron software.

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