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of course, ethernet- and battery-powered cams have their advantages, as you’ll find in our guide to the best battery-powered cameras – but we think you’ll like the ezviz wi-fi hookup. we typed in our wi-fi password, scanned the qr code on the camera with our phone … and voila. we found both the crispness of our ezviz playback videos and live views, as well as the efficiency and user-friendliness of the ezviz app, to be a noticeable improvement over reolink. throughout our tests of the c1c, ezviz’s app made it really easy to play back recordings from all that activity any time we wanted. we used it to check in on their progress from time to time while still keeping up with our own daily activities, even when those activities took us outside the house. this is great, but it’s important to note that ezviz does not include the cards with the cameras themselves.

we quickly solved this problem by positioning our camera a little farther to the left, and all was well again. for that truly smart home we’re all shooting for, with multiple cameras sending all of that data back and forth at all times of the day, we know it’s important to have a secure place for it to live. using ezviz’s live chat function, located on the support page of their website, we explained our issue and waited for a response. no one can; ezviz is one of just a few brands in the industry that doesn’t sell its products directly to customers. with that solid build, we felt confident our ezviz cameras would hold up in most any weather. but any time we deal with low-cost technology, we like to remind folks that in this industry, you do get what you pay for. we are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

with its c1c indoor camera, ezviz turns out a solid, flexible, and very affordable camera designed for indoor operations. the teardrop-style design is a familiar one, featuring a small, rounded camera unit a simple pedestal-style base. mounting hardware (courtesy of a magnetic base) allows for a more permanent placement if desired. a 130-degree (diagonal) lens captures a wide-angle view, and traditional ir night vision is rated at a significant 40 feet of range. two-way audio is built in, also—though with an indoor-only camera that feature tends to be limited in value. setup is reasonably straightforward with the ezviz app, which has you scan a qr code printed on the base of the camera to begin the process of bridging the unit to your home wi-fi network (only 2.4ghz networks are supported). recorded clips, up to a minute in length, are easy to flip through. as well, a fast-forward feature lets you see all the day’s clips in one super-cut, played back at roughly triple speed.

the ezviz c1c can record directly to a microsd card (not included) or save clips to the ezviz cloudplay service. with one camera, you can pay $4/month or $40/year for three days of backup, $6/month or $60/year for seven days of backup, or $11/month or $110/year for 30 days of backup. with up to four cameras, the fees are $9/month or $90/year for seven days of backup, or $16/month or $160/year for 30 days of backup. those prices aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they aren’t outrageous—especially if you’re running a multi-camera setup (and why wouldn’t you, considering the cost of the hardware). the c1c is a solid enough camera—though it’s never overwhelmingly dazzling or surprising—but it’s biggest and best feature is its price tag. on the other hand, ezviz has stronger ir night vision and has fewer time restraints on recording if you don’t pay for the subscription. note: when you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. christopher null is a veteran technology and business journalist.

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