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for example it might say “hey we noticed that every day at 9:00 am you ring your tile item finder… would you like to set up an automation?” it could also do more complex stuff for example: “we noticed that whenever there’s motion downstairs on a tuesday, wednesday or thursday, when it’s cloudy you turn on the pantry lights… would you like to set up an automation?” how could this be done? this would obviously have to be done securely given home assisant users preference for privacy. a raspberry pi would be significantly overpowered for what tfl needs. and of course it would have to ask permission before adding an automation and not be able to do anything on it’s own. so it would need to suggest automations. it would also need to ignore everything already controlled by automations sounds like an interesting prospect. i don’t have much to add from a development perspective, but i would certainly be interested in testing it out.

this kind of things was the reason we added a context id to all events and state changes. if you install the jupyter community add-on, you will find the example jupyter notebook hooked up to your instance that uses context to determine your most popular entities that you interact with per time of day. but i have a lot of mqtt and hue stuff, that could also be hooked to a dev system. i am a developer (mainly c#) but have never done anything with python or ai/machine learning, would be interesting in doing something with it once in a while. what about the chronological scope of an event? this is exactly what i think future smart homes need to do. i might not be the best fit for the software part but i have a lot of installations running on home assistant, which we can definitely use for quality control and extensive user testing.

with this post, perhaps a bit long but certainly interesting, i want to share with you what i learned during my readings and analysis, during my failed experiments and watching the experiments of others too. probably only the human brain is capable of making such complex reasoning, without something/someone telling it what it should do in what situation to apply exactly. so they can identify an apple from a cup (if we talk about visual ml for example) simply because the apple has a different shape and color from a cup but if you try to make them recognize a ball, it could be half apple and half cup – you have to be the one to say that it is a ball ! but i have to be very careful not to fall in the probability “hole”, it is not my intention to turn on a switch just because there are many chances that in that condition you can turn it on.

i also want to include machine learning in homeassistant home-assistant_v2.db which contains all the data and time and etc… of the homeassistant i am running this to see what automation is running and i’m writing quite a few packages i’ve been wondering the same idea for quite a while, but apart from being from north italy too, i’m not any closer to a solution than you are. i have not uploaded the project yet, i will do it shortly i have to start it, for now i have only written the documentation if you are interested in the project i ask you to read my idea on my repository and possibly help me or support me in any way. i’m on my own and getting by in the (little) spare time and i would be honored to have your help, suggestion or share experiences with you. since we have the same goal i would like to talk to you privately to see if we can collaborate together and if i can use some of your code, even if it is already explicitly stated.

hey guys. so, i’m a programmer / ai (machine learning) dev… and i was talking to a few other devs ( @thisitguy @dgomes ) about a pretty in my (crazy) mind, always thinking of homeassistant, there is an idea of initial observation of user actions and sensor values (training) to hey guys, has anyone heard of or knows if someone is working on adding ai to home assistant? today’s ai works by feeding it data and the “ai”, .

home assistant¶. in this step-by-step walkthrough, you’ll build a conversational application for a smart home that allows users to control different devices utilizing home assistant, addons, the linux foundation open horizon edge fabric, and edge ai services, the system enables personal ai on low-cost devices; a complete and local nvr designed for home assistant with ai object detection. uses opencv and tensorflow to perform realtime object detection locally for, .

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