home assistant automation

all automations are made up of a trigger and an action. take for example the automation: the first part is the trigger of the automation rule. in this case, it is a person arriving home, which can be observed in home assistant by observing the state of paulus changing from not_home to home. a condition will test against the current state of the system. in this case, we only want to act when the sun has set. the third part is the action, which will be performed when a rule is triggered and all conditions are met.

automation rules interact directly with the internal state of home assistant, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with it. these are available at the bottom of the sidebar in the frontend. a light, a switch, a person and even the sun. a state consists of the following parts: actions are all about calling services. for example turn on a light, run a script or enable a scene. for example the service light.turn_on is capable of turning on any light in your system.

in this guide we’re going to create a simple automation rule to turn on the lights when the sun sets. in the user interface, click configuration in the sidebar, then click automation. the second step is defining what should trigger our automation to run. in this case, we want to use the event of the sun setting to trigger our automation.

in the trigger section, click on the dropdown menu and change the trigger type to “sun.” it allows us to choose sunrise or sunset, so go ahead and pick sunset. as we discussed, we want our automation to be triggered a little before the sun actually sets, so let’s add -00:30 as the offset. once we have defined our trigger, scroll down to the action section. for this automation we’re going to turn on all lights, so let’s change the service data to: click the orange button to save the automation. now wait till it’s 30 minutes until the sun sets and see your automation magic!

automations in home assistant allow you to automatically respond to things that happen. you can turn the lights on at sunset or pause the music when you a breakdown of what an automation consists of. in the user interface, click configuration in the sidebar, then click automation. you will now see the automation screen from which you can manage all the, .

if you used ifttt before, you will be blown away by what home assistant automation with lights explained with ui, .

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