home assistant irrigation automation

but lets say i choose tuesday and friday, if those days are rainy, other days where its need to irrigate, it does not do that. you could use a weather integration and if it rains you set an input switch to true. your automation check whether this input switch is true. if not irrigation starts. if so it only resets the input switch. you could also use a rain gauge and calculate the difference between the pericipation precipitation or simply rainfall of the day and the amount you want to irrigate. yearh i choose to use the accuweather sensor if its raining and then disable the irrigation if its raining for more than 1 hour before it need to irrigate. you need to call the reset_bucket service after you irrigate. i have worked with smart irrigation with my own component. many options available to suit your situation. irrigation controller for home assistant. contribute to rgc99/irrigation_unlimited development by creating an account on github.

i have just uploaded a the latest iteration of version 2 (still considered a preview). it is fully functional as is but i am calling it a preview as i am still making occasional small changes and also i haven’t actually used it yet in my garden yet as i am still waiting to put the new hardware together). and i wouldn’t take what i have here too seriously, i have been playing with it a lot but never got anything satisfactory. @klogg i have the netatmo rain sensor, however i dont receive the accumulated rainfall, so i have had to make my own sensor and take a good guess at what the measurement is!

i run a single transformer and switch the 24vdc side with relays connected to an esp8266. i did do it with 80 relays, just to see how it would go, and it was fine. to be honest i’m still not confident enough to play with mains wiring unless i am 100% sure it will work and be safe. cheap, easy and ha loves esp’s with esphome i have one on order to have a play with and learn. no idea what to do with it yet, but i may just have a new project now.

i’m looking to add a smart controller for my existing sprinkler setup (5 if you’re interested in irrigation automation based local hi community i need some help, idea to automate my smart irrigation in my garden. i got a drip system that water my hedge, its working fine i’m building a new house, how should i implement ha? my irrigation system. garden irrigation questions. irrigation system with pump using sonoff, home assistant irrigation integration, home assistant irrigation integration, esphome irrigation, home assistant drip irrigation, rainmachine.

this integration will complement many other irrigation projects. home assistant makes automating switches easy with the built in tools available. so why this see the example automations below. this component uses reference evapotranspiration values and calculates base schedule indexes and water budgets from that. write irrigation scheduler automation. now, onto the scheduling. for this, i’ll use an automation that is, home assistant irrigation card, home assistant garden automation.

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