home automation using lpc2148

the reason bluetooth is used in such applications is its ease of implementation, low power consumption and the most important thing is its availability i.e. but today, we are going to concentrate on the serial communication i.e. in this project, we are going to interface the bluetooth module with the arm 7 based mcu i.e. one of the major applications of bluetooth module is in the field of home automation and smart home systems, where a bluetooth enabled device like a smart phone or tablet can be used to control the smart home application. the hc – 05 bluetooth module is an uart based device. so, we are connecting the bluetooth module to the uart 1 i.e. the tx pin of the bluetooth module is connected to rxd1 (p0.9 – pin 34) of lpc2148. in order to demonstrate a successful transmission of data between the bluetooth module / lpc2148 and smart phone, we are turning few leds on and off. on the development board, the leds are connected to port1 pins p1.18 to p1.25.

it involves the uart module of the lpc2148. as mentioned in the circuit design, the bluetooth module is connected to uart 1 module in the lpc2148. so, it is important to configure the uart module properly. the configuration of pll module and other related information are explained in our arm pll tutorial. pll0 module is configured to generate the system clock i.e. once the pll0 module in initialized and the multiplier and divider values are set, the next step is to fix these multiplier and divider values. the next module we are going to discuss is the uart module. as mentioned earlier, we are using the uart1 module in the project. with these commands, the uart is setup successfully and is ready to receive and transmit the data.

the aim of home automation is to control home devices from a central control point. the main principle of this project is controlling and monitoring the devices in an industry using zigbee technology which is a wireless technology. in this project microcontroller collects the data continuously, and sends to zigbee at the other end data is received by zigbee receiver and sends to data at pc it continuosly updates the different sensors data and controls the devices connected to the arm 7 microcontroller.

using zigbee based home automation, the automatic control and monitoring of the home devices can be done. based on the result we decide temperature is below the reference or it will be above the reference value. the low cost allows the technology to be widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. and also using the flash magic the data is sent from zigbee transceiver to another zigbee transceiver connected with lpc 2148. in below code, at present only temperature is sensed using lm35 data hence we are controlling the heater .

the core objective of this paper is to build a affordable smart home system, that can be used to control the home appliances, monitor gas, temperature, light lpc2148 microcontroller based stand – alone or complete development board hc – 05 bluetooth module (any uart based bluetooth module) 8 x leds the aim of home automation is to control home devices from a central control point. in this project, we present the design and implementation of, lpc2148 projects using proteus, lpc2148 projects using proteus, lpc2148 applications, bluetooth interfacing with lpc2148, home automation.

controlling the led using esp8266 iot webserver with lpc2148. step 1:- after uploading hex file to lpc2148, connect the ftdi module to pc via iot based collaborative affordable home automation and data gathering system to display the data on web page using internet via gprs to have greater power supply arm7(lpc2148) relay 3relay 1 relay 2 relay 4 device 1 device. arm7 controller • low power consumption • small in size • reduced, .

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