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in an effort to attain modern-day home security, manufacturers are pushing the bar higher by making their home-monitoring devices smarter and more powerful. most of these devices will alert you of any intrusion and allow you in turn to alert authorities right from their app. you can have access to 30-day video history and produces high definition footage in both light and dark environments. netatmo is a smart alarm that notifies you if any unusual activity takes place in your house. it is an intelligent and intuitive alarm system that actives and deactivates itself automatically so you don’t have to worry about arming and disarming the alarm every time you leave the house or return. with a dual motor head that rotates 360ã‚â°, the camera gives you an all-round vision of the room it’s placed in and doesn’t even make any sound while rotating. with august you can now turn any ios/android smartphone or apple watch into a virtual key to your home.

all usage of assigned virtual keys are logged into the system so you can track who comes and goes, identifiable by their individual keys. it has a motion sensor, a 170 degree hd camera recording in real-time and a 90db siren for when you need to scare away an intruder. with wifi connectivity to room’s 2.4ghz router, you can watch live video feed or playbacks no matter where you are by accessing its mobile app. it comes with a bluetooth-enabled key fob which you can press to lock or unlock haven. you can also issue e-keys over wifi for temporary passage to friends or guests. a kevo can be unlocked with a tap with your smartphone (with the kevo app) or the kevo fob. any movement detected in canary’s night vision mode with infrared led triggers a notification, and allows you to call authorities easily with the app.

and when it comes to home security, that’s definitely for the better. it speaks to the times. we’ve come a long way since then, and now pretty much anyone can set up a home security camera that connects right to their smartphone. most are easy to use, some are waterproof, and all of them will keep you and your possessions safer. keep yourself safe in and outside of your home with the wyze outdoor starter bundle weather-resistant camera. this security camera also lets you watch your home in hd video and hear audio 24/7. have eyes on your house all the time with the netatmo smart outdoor camera with siren security cam. get fast access to the police with the ring alarm second-generation home security device.

this compact gadget attaches to both sides of your door or window and notifies you when it opens. your floodlights can be a security camera in disguise with the arlo pro 3 floodlight home security camera. the canary pro all-in-one home security camera is what you need. keep your amazon packages safe until you can get them with the clevermade lockbox package locker. anchor it to your house with the included screws. the kangaroo motion + entry sensor home security device is another item on our home security guide 2020 that’s easy to set up. we hope you enjoyed our home security guide 2020. which of these gadgets do you plan on getting to beef up your home? the gadget flow daily digest highlights and explores the latest in tech trends to keep you informed. want it straight to your inbox?

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