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smart home devices, which allow the remote monitor and control of home features, are a booming industry with major players and mass adopters. they want smart home devices for lots of different reasons, but security and energy management are among the most significant. smart home systems with iot (internet of things) applications take advantage of automation technology and modern building techniques to give homeowners a new level of control and access to information about their homes.

[pc magazine] tested hundreds of smart home products in more than 20 categories to help determine which ones are best for every room in (and out of) the house.” ”with a myriad of ecosystems and standards to navigate, not to mention the diverse array of devices, the smart-home scene is daunting. [wired] put together this smart-home guide to highlight your options, explain the jargon, and help you understand the consequences of the choices you make.” “home automation involves using technology to make your home work better for you. no longer just a novelty or relegated to home security systems, smart devices can help the elderly and those with disabilities live independently without having to pay a premium for products specific to their needs.” while no one system is impervious to an attack, some precautions can further decrease your odds of being hacked and protect your privacy in the case of a hack. iot devices are the core technology behind the idea of smart homes, and while the latest devices have addressed patches that made their predecessors vulnerable to security breaches, the onus is still on the end user to ensure that their iot security is up to date.

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