insteon home automation system

it has been the most drama-filled end of a consumer iot company to date — and also represents one of the biggest opportunities left for the matter smart home standard going forward. but if a smart home is what you’re after, there are still no guarantees that anything you buy will stand the test of time. universal devices hub will control all of the switches i have? correct me if i am wrong, but is that not the major limitation of home assistant for the moment? that way, i have complete local or remote (via wireguard) control, and no one can ever disable the functionality of the devices. i have a rule of thumb that i derate everything sitting between the outlet and the load 50%. but if i put 10-year and 20-year dimmers on a shelf in home depot it doesn’t matter what the box says, the cheapest one will sell. frankly, i struggle to see new innovation in a switch whose only job can be 1) change the brightness and 2) change the color.

even if i can reach a conventional light switch from my wheelchair, i may not have the hand function to use it. otherwise i could get stuck with a vcr when the rest of the world has gone to streaming. on the hardware side of things, there’s not much else you can do to make a light switch more useful. the main point i’m trying to make is that it is very important that wired-in smart devices be granted a longer life/expected replacement cycle. the trouble is that this is a switch and i need an integrated dimmer. i would like to jump in here with a slightly different point of view. i appreciate the help but it comes a little late as i have just replaced all of my insteon stuff with homekit certified stuff and liking it way better because it not is only easier and quicker to setup but it is more flexible and more rapid in its response ken apparently my initial posting was truncated and probably at my doing. i will try to append the rest of my posting.

insteon is the most reliable and simplest way to turn your home into a smart home. control, monitor, and automate lights from anywhere. insteon is the only home networking technology that makes use of two separate physical layers (rf plus powerline). insteon signals automatically jump from one in today’s “predictable things that happened before and definitely will happen again”, insteon, a smart home company boasting the insteon, is insteon going out of business, insteon protocol, insteon protocol, insteon replacement, insteon home assistant.

the automation super store – lowest prices guaranteed on all insteon automation items. insteon was a proprietary home automation (domotics) system that enabled light switches, lights, thermostats, leak sensors, remote controls, motion sensors, i’ve had an insteon system throughout my house for 5 years. it was (and still is) the best hardware for putting smart switches into every, insteon app, insteon hub.

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