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with over 400 self-proclaimed iot platforms in the market, it doesn’t surprise me that industrial enterprises are hindered trying to identify, test and select a high quality iot platform. with iot platform revenue slated to grow to usd 63.4 billion by 2026, iot application enablement is one of the most highly demanded enterprise iot platforms. according to hands-on tests of iot platforms in machnation’s iot test environment (mit-e), an enterprise user will spend an average of 61 minutes executing 7 of the most common iot data management tasks on an iot platform. since picking a best-in-class iot aep is critical for industrial enterprises deploying iot solutions, the top four requirements of an iot aep based on enterprise users’ experiences with these platforms.

enterprises should implement a platform that has flexible, scalable and efficient pathway for bringing iot solutions to market. aeps should provide a clear, well documented and technologically proficient pathway to solution deployment for all of these deployment options. and finally, an iot platform must scale from proof-of-concept or pilot deployment to full production scale with the flexible addition of new instances to match required capacity as demand grows. the platform should have a set of features that empower an operations technology (ot) user to effectively manage an iot deployment. in addition, aep vendors should provide a rich platform ecosystem, enabling access to an iot platform marketplace of either platform compatible or pre-integrated devices, applications and services.

aep vendors assemble a network of application development, system integrator, and service provider partners that build custom iot applications on the platform for customers. while specific technology requirements and business value are certainly at the centre of any critical evaluation, enterprises that are considering implementing an iot aep solution, as opposed to other iot solutions that offer a more narrow scope of capabilities (dm-specific, mobile-specific, edge-specific, etc.) interestingly, machnation has found a renewed interest in iot aeps and the viability of cloud-based iot services.

when evaluating the extent of a developer-focused approach, there are four things machnation evaluates: a cogent platform architecture; well-documented and fully featured platform apis and device sdks; an effective and modular application development framework; and a scalable and extensible data management framework. the best iot aep vendors should provide a rich platform ecosystem of hardware and software partners. machnation selected a group of participating vendors that adequately represent the diversity of approaches and sizes in this burgeoning iot aep market. for an enterprise to be successful, an iot aep implementation should:

an aep is a form of platform-as-a-service meant to enable a developer to rapidly deploy an iot application or service without worrying about the iot application enablement space has continued to grow into one of the most critical technology sectors of the internet of things. an application enablement platform (aep) is a technology-centric offering optimized to deliver a best-of-breed, industry-agnostic, extensible, application enablement platform providers, application enablement platform providers.

the aep-powered iot is more like a hammer that can magically transform itself into a screwdriver on demand. since users can reprogram how things work on the fly, they can accomplish a broader variety of tasks and react to new challenges. transforma insights’ iot application enablement platform (aep) peer benchmarking 2020 report analyses the strategies and capabilities of twelve leading vendors of aep platform capabilities: altair, aws, clearblade, ericsson, fujitsu, ibm, microsoft, oracle, ptc, sap, siemens, and software ag. an application enablement platform (aep) can help provide a clear vision to a successful iot solution. there are certain components that the iot application enablement platform (aep) space has continued to grow into one of the most critical technology sectors of the internet machnation, iot test lab for industrial enterprises, the world’s leading it vendors and communication service providers, rated 14 iot aep vendors from the, .

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