irrigation system using iot

the objective of our project is to design an automated irrigation system which is cost effective and time saving using node microcontroller. the concept of this project is to allow the owners of fields to control and observe the growth of their plants in their farms. in this paper we will be discussing all about the project as to how it is constructed and how it works.

3. dht11 (temperature and humidity sensor): the dht11 [6] is a basic, low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor. we have successfully designed and implemented a smart irrigation system using the concept of internet of things. with the use of sensors whose cost is low and with simple circuitry this experiment aims in low cost solution, which can be bought even by a poor farmer and it is also easy to implement. [7] the working principle of an arduino “yusuf abdullahi badmasai” published in 2014 11th international conference on electronics, computer and computation (icecco).

internet of things (iot) enables various applications of crop growth monitoring and selection, automatic irrigation decision support, etc. we in this project, we will command the arduino/328p microcontroller through a webpage to control the motor (i.e., to start and stop the motor) and the rest of these sensors will find the various situations of the soil and based on soil moisture percent, land gets automatically irrigated. it means when, iot based smart irrigation system using arduino, smart irrigation system using nodemcu project report pdf.

many iot irrigation systems have both a manual and an automatic mode to control irrigation. in [64], the amount of water released by the water here we are building a iot based irrigation system using esp8266 nodemcu module and dht11 sensor. it will not only automatically irrigate the our proposed solution for smart irrigation constitutes three modules: first module is the sensor network, which is required to sense parameters, .

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