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we improved ethernet wifi relay module — kc868-h32b for smart home automation diy. 2: ethernet and wifi work at the same time,you can use lan application and wan app at the same time, if internet broken , you can also use lan application to control relay. 1. what types of device control by kc868-h32b? 2. how many output channel for kc868-h32b? if need more output channel ,just add kc868-h32b controller. if need more input channel ,just add controller or add kc868-col input module for 37 channel analog & digital input ports. 5. which control ways does kc868-h32b support? provide lan version of mobile app and pc software, can be used in the environment without internet, work in local network. 8. how can kc868-h32b be used in both local lan and internet wan?

ethernet and wifi can be configured to work in different network environment modes at the same time.one is work in local network , another is work for remote connect with cloud server. when the cable network is disconnected or wifi is disconnected, kc868-h32b will automatically switch the ethernet / wifi line to keep the communication with the cloud server smooth. 10. if house power failure, will relay output state of kc868-h32b be automatically restored? 11. if there is power failure at home and power supply is restored, do you need to restart kc868-h32b? 12. how to use multiple kc868-h32b? multiple kc868-h32b only need to be connected to the router for network. 13. can multiple people use kc868-h32b at the same time? kc868-h32b open protocol, support use your own software to control relay and read state and provide demo source code. 16. does kc868-h32b support third-party open source smart home platforms such as node-red and home assistant? the kincony smart control system can easily local and remote automation control.

i bought a relay module from kincony. the cost of one channel is approximately 2$. it is based on firmware from sinric. but this is a workaround. and so all 32 relays it remains only to correct the error when all the relays are turned on at the same time (only one relay is turned on). 2 channel rs232 com serial port extension, connect to manual control board or google or alexa voice module with kc868 smart controller at the same time. the voice module based on esp8266, you can write code download to esp8266, then send command by rs232 port.it’s very useful. here you see the enormous potential of this market.

the best solution would be to write an integration module. now what’s problem with your when you integrating the smart relay module? you can send command to kincony’s cloud server by account user name and password to get information from server and send command turn on/off relays. b.controller as a client, you can use your own cloud server or one computer as a server, set the server ip and port for controller, then after controller power on, it will auto connect with your own server by socket. so you can use any third party integration to kincony’s controller.now we are developing the wireless controller(rf+zigbee), it also open protocol, support write code to send command, i have take some video uploaded to kincony’s youtube channel. if i press a button on the keyboard or send a command through the command line, the ha controller does not see the relay status. but i don’t know how to upload the video or images to this forum. the protocol is almost same.

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kincony kc868 32 gang wifi smart relay module remote no touch door opener controller ; 1-49 sets. $160.00 ; 50-99 sets. $159.00 ; >=100 sets. $158.00. faq about kc868-h32b smart controller: 1. what types of device control by kc868-h32b? support light, curtain, blind any any switch control mode chose your kc868 smart relay controller’s model image now you can see 32 switches and 6 input port for sensor use. this is an example for kc868-h32b relay, .

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