nec industrial iot

at nec, we have already standardized core systems at nine factories and have been moving ahead with the implementation of iot with a view to further improving quality, cost, and delivery (qcd). this will dramatically increase the functionality of products and bring innovation to business models. by improving these systems, we were able to optimize the flows of both goods and information.

the implementation of iot, for example, helped improve productivity in the smt line by 20% as of november 2016. in addition to iot, we will also utilize nec’s portfolio of ai technologies (nec the wise) for analysis of collected data as well as automation and optimization of production lines. secondly, we will zero in on the achievement of manufacturing management coupled with iot. we will integrate on-site information from multiple sites in various countries to help achieve on-site visualization and improvement. we will strive to achieve improvements in throughput, quality, and traceability by centralizing data and reinforcing supply chains.

nec industrial iot accelerates manufacturing improvement cycle and distributes onsite innovation. nec industrial iot platform digitalizes manufacturing onsite nec industrial iot is a systematized suite of diverse solutions that take advantage of advanced nec technologies such as image recognition, big data analysis, nec corporation is a leader in the integration of it and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world., .

this paper outlines nec’s industrial iot systems which systemize our technological strengths to create powerful and flexible solutions, suitable for a broad, .

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