neeo remote control

it features many customization options, including a vast network of 14,000 third-party integrations to enjoy, such as music and video tools, security devices and much more. more recently, the company purchased the neeo remote specifically with smart home os 3 suite in mind, while giving control4 users a remote that appealed to their need for buttons and a touchscreen. the neeo features an attractive interface and a sleekly designed aluminum body that holds up to everyday wear and tear. not many remotes combine the buttons you’re used to reaching for and a large-enough touchscreen to operate any function within your household. at three inches, the graphical glass touchscreen is large enough to scroll through channels, functions and rooms in seconds. when looking more holistically at control, you’ll find that the neeo operates as a perfect complement to the control4 smart home os 3 system, deftly managing all its complexities within one handheld device. these remotes are not just for entertainment: a panel on top designates the room you’re controlling, and you can switch between spaces to show all connected functions within that room.

slide to “kitchen,” tap “lighting” and adjust accordingly. no one wants to buy an investment piece that they have to tiptoe around for fear of it breaking the first week they have it – or worry that a kid or pet will destroy it. neeo’s screen can hold up to falls, and its metal body resists breakage, so you don’t have to worry about tossing it a few feet or hiding it from your dog. the remote automatically shuts off when not in use and “wakes up” when handled. like the neeo, the sr-260 featured a touchscreen, but it was too small to streamline the interface and free it from excess buttons. neeo, however, keeps buttons to a minimum so that the remote looks like a sleek combination between a mobile device and a tv remote. it’s not enough to read about control4’s smart home os 3 or the neeo remote. as kihei’s top control4 dealer, nothing delights us more than the first time we show you how it works in your own home.

the neeo remote is thoughtfully engineered to control your home media experience and unify the smart home by leveraging the power of control4 smart home os neeo – smart home remote & hub | the universal home automation system which controls your tv, music, philips hue, roku, amazon fire tv and 60’000 other devices! back in february 2019, control4 acquired neeo; the makers of a universal remote control that was originally a huge kickstarter hit., buy neeo remote, buy neeo remote, neeo remote price, neeo control4, control4 remote neeo.

it’s a hard-button handheld remote, after all, with volume, channel, and d-pad navigation controls, among others; but it’s also a touchscreen the neeo has a huge colorful touch screen that makes it easy to and navigate. many of us have tried using physical universal remotes and found neeo is a powerful tool, and able to control many different types of smart home devices that are connected to the control4 smart home system., neeo remote without control4, control4 neeo remote manual, neeo brain, control 4 remote price.

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