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you can purchase various nexia starter packs, all of which include a z-wave-to-ethernet bridge, and then add other components to expand the system’s capabilities. if you have a large a z-wave network, as i do, you can choose to enroll all of your hardware (one device at a time) and then upload the entire routing table to the cloud at once. should the battery die, you can lock and unlock the deadbolt with a key (two are provided). you can also link devices to the camera and control them while you’re viewing a video stream.

the dashboard displays a photo of your home (which is handy if you have a vacation home or properties that you rent) and a log of recent system events. you can program the system to send alerts via email and/or text message to multiple email address and phone numbers, to ensure that you’ll receive notification when a sensor is triggered, a door is unlocked, the camera records a video clip, or one of your automation sequences is executed. and since nexia relies on your broadband internet service to send you alerts, a burglar can easily defeat the system by severing your telephone line or coaxial cable (if your isp is a cable-tv service provider) before entering your home. michael is techhive’s lead editor, with 30+ years of experience covering the tech industry, focusing on the smart home, home audio, and home theater.

at a price of $59, the nexia bridge will serve as your home automation mothership. design and features the nexia bridge is a simple enough device, with just two buttons, one to enroll devices into your home automation system, and one to unenroll them. if you have a punch-code lock on your front door, you can use the nexia web site to update the code, or to turn off the beeps whenever you press a button. still, you can expect to have a great deal of flexibility with device placement, which is especially nice considering that the nexia bridge can accommodate as many devices as you can squeeze within its coverage radius.

performance the nexia bridge did a great job on my tests, easily living up to its claims of being able to smarten up the home. there may be an occasional firmware update to install, but the nexia web site and app will help you take care of these in a matter of minutes, notifying you of the need to update, then letting you do so with just the tap of a button. in addition to free customer service via e-mail or the phone, nexia’s web site also offers a complete list of home automation brands and products that are compatible with the nexia bridge. consumers willing to stomach a monthly fee for comprehensive smart home management should move the nexia bridge to the top of their list.

“nexia makes home automation simple, and accessible even to less tech-minded consumers.” “the nexia bridge offers easy setup and a low maintenance entry point systems like nexia cost just $9.99/month to connect all your smart home products together. it does this effortlessly with the nexia home intelligence bridge nexia home intelligence offers simple remote access to manage and control products in your home – from locks and lights to thermostats, cameras and small, nexia app, nexia app, nexia home assistant, nexia camera, nexia thermostat.

a home automation, or connected home, system connects electronic home products to. internet-enabled devices so you can access them remotely. 2: what is z-wave? the nexia home intelligence home-security starter kit, $299, consists of a z-wave-to-ethernet bridge, a keypad deadbolt, and a small-appliance as home automation systems go, the nexia bridge offers a great mix of simplicity and, nexia compatible devices, nexia home login, nexia bridge, nexia products, nexia api, schlage nexia, nexia dsp, nexia hub, trane home, nexia pharmacy.

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