sap iot

we advise and support our customers from the development of initial ideas to the implementation of their solution. the innovative sap iot ecosystem, in which also current topics such as machine learning, big data, blockchain, etc. with our sap iot partner packaged solutions, we are a strategic partner of sap for iot innovation. choose the most efficient option to manage your warehouse operations in real time – with iot. by integrating sensor data in sap iot with modern warehouse solutions, you can dramatically improve warehouse throughput, inventory planning capabilities and engage an efficient workforce.

connected worker strategies and solutions are a vital part of the digital transformation of industrial operations to achieve the following goals: identification of incidents based on wearables, gas detection devices and camera recognition considering a personal shield of the worker. integration into the end-to-end process by e.g. rather than rely on the traditional “gut feel” tactic when dealing with vehicles, production machines and equipment, an iot solution allows you to establish performance patterns, utilization of best practices and predictive algorithms that prevent unplanned downtime. from production to distribution to after-sale service, the introduction of iot allows for the creation of a feedback loop of continuous improvement. often manual input of relevant information is the reason for a considerable reduction of data accuracy and data volume.

as part of sap business technology platform, the sap iot solution helps users reimagine business processes and models with embedded iot services and data. the internet of things (iot) is a network of physical objects that use sensors and apis to connect and exchange data over the internet. build an intelligent enterprise with artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning software to unite human expertise and computer insights. products: sap, sap leonardo, sap leonardo, sap ai, sap intelligent technologies, sap edge.

unlock your intelligent enterprise by embedding internet of things (iot) data into your core processes. find out how you can optimize productivity, sap iot business services allow you to put raw sensor data into business object context and then use query models, rules, events and actions to leverage the sap iot is the enabler of what we call an agile and intelligent enterprise. as a leading global player in the end-to-end digital supply chain,, sap btp, sap edge services, sap edge services, on-premise edition, sap smart sensing.

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