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there are dozens of smart speakers on the market, and picking the best keeps getting tougher. there are louder speakers and some that are more portable, but no smart speaker is a better buy than the sonos one right now (8/10, wired recommends). it’s also one of the best smart speakers to buy if you plan to build a home theater setup—it connects to sonos’ larger speakers and its tv soundbar. we also like that you can turn off the microphones with a physical button, for when voice-assistant-wary friends and relatives are over.

the nest hub max is our current favorite smart display for a number of other reasons, too. if you aren’t in it for the music, the amazon echo dot with clock (4th gen) and google’s nest mini (7/10, wired recommends) will give you most of the perks of owning a smart speaker, and you can use them to smarten up existing speakers on the cheap. it also presents an easy way to get a smart assistant into the places in your home where you don’t normally listen to music. you can get a full-sized nest or echo speaker for the same money, and you should. the service can also send netflix shows and movies to your tv if you have a chromecast attached.

the best smart speaker can even double as a chime for the best video doorbells or home security cameras, playing a tone to alert you that motion has been detected or the doorbell has been pressed. the plethora of ways you can put a smart speaker to use doesn’t stop there. there’s also a much smaller number of compatible smart home devices that work with the smart speaker, compared to the range available for alexa and google assistant-enabled smart speakers. if you’re looking for a smart speaker with google assistant built-in, the google nest audio is currently the best google-manufactured smart speaker you can buy, since the brand discontinued its google home max (opens in new tab) speaker.

however, setting the speaker up on a wi-fi network using the bose music app is harder than it should be, and it’s one of the most expensive smart speakers on the market. if you already use a voice assistant on your smartphone or tablet, or have existing smart speakers or smart displays in your home, it makes sense to plump for a smart speaker that  has the same assistant baked in. smart speakers can even be used for light entertainment in the form of jokes and games and also allow you to stay in touch with friends and family by making audio calls through the device. if you’ve got a lot of apple products, of course siri is the best and for overall compatibility, you’re best opting for alexa. techradar is part of future us inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

first, you need to decide which voice assistant you prefer. there are three worth using—amazon’s alexa, google assistant, and apple’s siri—and amazon alexa (echo), apple siri (homepod), and google assistant (google home mini) are all vying for a place in your smart home. images: apple and digitized open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and diy enthusiasts., smart speaker, smart speaker, home assistant download, smart speaker with google assistant, google home assistant.

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