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control of the system is made through a handheld remote or wall mounted control panels. the centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an impressive rack system array in your living room. to control the master volume and source (cd, tuner, tape, etc.) to control the volume and source from each zone a zoned infrared (ir) distribution system can be added.

the key to a successful whole house a/v system is making it possible to control the centralized equipment from each remote listening location. there are several ways that this can be done: the easiest and lowest cost solution is to use wireless rf control systems. you must have a coax cable system that is home run back to the a/v equipment location to do this. you can simplify control of your equipment so that every member of your family can easily choose the music or video source they want without juggling a handful of remotes. subscribe now to get the latest & greatest news on smart home products & receive special offers only for our newsletter subscribers.

are you ready to turn your home into a luxurious ‘smart’ house with connected technology? home theaters, tvs, and speaker systems are more convenient to use and customize when synched into a smart system. as a high-end smart home installer based in palm beach, fl, and cities worldwide,we’ll share the latest audio-video ideas you can implement at home below. whether you use hidden in-ceiling speakers or statementloudspeakers, a smart home installer can sync them all into one easy-to-control system. through your smart system interface, you’ll choose the media source you want and play high-resolution music across the house. imagine as you turn on the gym lights, your workout playlist begins at your preferred volume level. or as you open the shower doors, mellow music starts playing. is there a piano aficionado in your home? you can switch to the piano as an audio source, then switch back tospotify when the performance is over.

merge all your remotes into one with a smart home system. and if your one remote goes missing? your remote will start beeping, making it easy to find. we can create a custom scene that adjusts the lights, shades, and speakers in your private home theater. home automation makes it easier to keep an eye on how your children use technology. you can program the tv and gaming systems to shut down at a specific time each night and set a volume limit to their devices. connect the tv to your whole-home audio system and enjoy the sounds of the game even as you walk away to the kitchen or bar. turn on all the outdoor speakers in one tap on your control panel and sync them to the same playlist as indoor speakers. from a single voice command or tap on your remote, your projector, screen, or tv can disappear into the floor or ceiling, as if it was never there. ready to bring these av ideas into reality?

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