smart home automation services

systems for music, video, lights, climate and security have become more intelligent enabling you to easily operate them from a smart phone, tablet, keypad, or touch panel. effortlessly listen to your favorite music from any area of your house in pinecrest with a single button press or set the lights and shades to create ambiance for entertaining in your open concept kitchen and living area. smart lighting systems allow you to change the mood of any area of your home to suit the occasion. smart lighting control also contributes to a safe environment by linking with the security system to turn all lights on if uninvited activity is detected. smart climate control makes it easy for you to set the perfect temperature of your home regardless of the season or other conditions.

create a comfortable environment by making adjustments from the same touch screen you use to control your lights, shades, and home entertainment system. a safe and secure home for your family needs to be smart enough to alert you when you’re home or away. integrate with a lighting control system so lights turn on if an intrusion is detected or a dim pathway is lit when the smoke alarm is triggered. we will work with you to find a complete networking solution that satisfies all of your system needs including your tv, telephone, music, security, control system and mobile devices that are connected on the network in a smart home. smart media control gives you simple access to your favorite shows, movies and music regardless if the content is cable or satellite, stored on a server, or streamed from the internet. let us create the perfect media room design to meet your needs in pinecrest or throughout south florida.

an home automation system allows all of the sub-systems in your home or office to be controlled from a single, user friendly interface start out automating your home theater or media room and expand to control lights, thermostats, shades and more. talk to your dscmi home control system designer and start simplifying your home today. our home networks will soon be similar in size to that of a small business. if you already have a modern audio video or automation system installed, chances are your home network is already sizable. if you have an automation system in your home you can take it a step further and set commands to respond when you open the door.

talk to your systems designer about the security and convenience features of access control system. once you have experienced the joy of listening to music seamlessly throughout your home, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. in an existing home or a new construction, dscmi can design a system that enables each family member to listen to their favorite music in any or every room of your home. comfort, security, elegance, convenience, and energy savings are just a few of the reasons that homeowners are embracing lighting control. select the scene with the single touch of a button to create the ambiance you desire. contact dscmi to discuss the design options that fit into your decor and your lifestyle.

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