stringify home automation

the basics are similar, though: you connect your various accounts and devices like alexa, google assistant, or philips hue lights to stringify. for example, you tell it to only turn your lights off when you leave in the morning. to connect your things, open up the app and tap on things along the bottom. when you find a flow you like, you can tap get flow to activate it for your account. this will be your primary trigger, which stringify refers to as a when trigger.

in this case, when you leave the area in the location trigger, your hue lights will turn off. this will use your pre-set eco mode temperatures, which you can adjust in the nest app. since this is a trigger, it should be to the left of your actions, so you want it below location. on the next screen, choose the hours you want to restrict your flow to. to do that, you would drag from the date & time thing to the yellow link between location and hue.

by now, you are probably familiar with ifttt (if this then that), the automation system which unlocks news features for your smart home devices. if you want a temperature spike to switch on a fan and lower the heating, then you’ll need to create two applets, which can become messy. thankfully, stringify is here to take your smart home automation skills to the next level. the beauty of stringify is how several inputs can be configured to perform several outputs. for example, saying “tell stringify to run goodnight flow” to alexa would be the trigger of a flow, then your ecobee smart thermostat cooling down to a set temperature, and your lifx lights switching off, would be the action.

first, you need to add more ‘things’ to your stringify account. many more can also be added, like your social media accounts and fitness tracking services. with alexa, for example, you need to open the alexa app and install the stringify skill, log into that, then return to the stringify app. the stringify app offers up a blank grid on which you are to create your flow. i have then set the flow to trigger when the foobot detects a sudden increase in air pollution. i can then complete and enable the flow with just the one trigger and one action, or add infinitely more, configuring a high pollution reading to bring other devices to life, and send text messages or emails to other members of the household.

if you’ve ever wished you could create advanced, automated interactions between all the smart devices in your house, stringify is your new internet of things (iot) startup stringify was a home automation app that let users connect and control their smart home devices. much like ifttt, stringify takes an input from one device, sensor or service (like an air quality monitor, a motion sensor, your smartphone’s, yonomi, yonomi, stringify app, home automation, smart home.

stringify, an ifttt-like app that lets consumers control and automate their smart home devices, was quietly snatched up by comcast last fall stringify allows you to access all of your smart home devices like simply drop the devices or services that you want to use in an automation and drag a homekit boasts a powerful automation engine. and if you have a smart home hub, many also integrate with some cloud-based services., .

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