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this article will explain home automation, cover some of the pieces and parts you will need to purchase and give you 11 ideas on how to turn your home into a smart home. as long as you have set up the coffee maker the night before, you will have a freshly brewed pot waiting for you when you get out of bed and make it to the kitchen. your trigger can be set to activate the system when you leave this zone and deactivate the system when you reenter the zone. if you want to have lights come on automatically as you enter the room, you will need to use motion sensors. however, you will need to rewire the thermostat to a smart switch, which can be dangerous, costly and may not always work. you will need a smart switch that is wired to your vent fan. you don’t even need to be home, or in the room for this to happen, and as long as the fan is on its own switch, the lights don’t need to be on, either. you can add a hub to the smart lock and enable geofencing.

it is also useful when you get home from shopping and will have your hands full at the door. you will need to program the nfc tags for the specific function you want to happen when it is activated. once activated, you will place your nfc tag where you want it to be and then use your smartphone as the hub, triggering the event. setting the alarm as you leave then, will have the router turned off by the time you get to your car. you will have to disable your alarm system to reactivate the router, though. the effect then, is that the rgb bulbs will light up according to what you have set. for example, if you like to watch tv, you can plug your tv into the smart switch and have it controlled by your steps. likewise, if you want a nice bath, you can set the lights in the bathroom to not come on until you reach your step count. this trigger will then send a text message to your phone, letting you know the machine is done and it is time to put the clothes in the dryer.

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cool home automation ideas for z-wave, zigbee, ble or wifi. security lights – usefulness: 5; smart home security – usefulness: 5; welcoming currently, the samsung smartthings hub is one of the best, as it connects and integrates with the most most useful automation i currently have set up: currently a “goodbye” button, that will turn the porch/driveway lights on for 3 minutes and then, home automation projects, home automation ideas 2022.

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