wifi control home automation

the beauty of a home automation system is that it is highly scalable, flexible and its capabilities are limited only by our imagination. it also allows us to control the system by giving voice commands using hc-05 bluetooth module and amr voice app. it also sends temperature and humidity measurement to the mobile application. it displays the date and time using the rtc and the lcd display device. it pairs with bluetooth serial modules and sends in the recognized voice as a string.

for example if you say hello the android phone will return a sting *hello# to your bluetooth module *and # indicate the start and stop bits use this library and the hex codes given in the image to program the uno to perform specific functions when key is the pressed. the microcontroller provides 5v signal to the relay it is converted to a 12v signal by the driver circuit which consists of a transistor and a diode. the uno with wifi and dht acts as master sender and the uno with bluetooth, ir receiver acts as slave receiver. nice explanation.. also plz give me the code and circuit diagram for voice controlled home automation using arduino uno and esp8266 01..thanku esp8266-1 needs 3.3v power supply. sir can you show us the lm317 connection or show atleast a circuit diagram how will i connect the lm317.. i think there is 2 resistor connected and a capacitor? why it is that the esp8266-1 on the video it has capacitor and resistors,, that is not on the circuit diagram?

this is a tutorial to show how to build a home automation system using arduino with wifi [esp8266-01], bluetooth (hc-05) and ir remote control., .

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