wsn iot applications

the integration of wsns with iot will help to reach apical of the usage of applications. it implies that now the sensor node is open for any heterogeneous internet user in the world. we are aware that in wsns, the sensor comes with limited capacity in terms of memory, processor, and power, whereas iot is equipped with abundant resources. as shown in the figure 6 it is the base station responsibility to map the data of sensor node to equivalent internet protocol and vice versa. it offers the holistic integration of the wsns with the internet. it needs to be compatible with internet protocol as well as the wsns protocol.

it is very much clear that the addressing of wsns and iot is quite different. the mobility of the node in the sensor network is also an essential issue to be dealt with carefully. when wsns node put open in front of the world, it is very much difficult for the wsns node to cop up with multiple events and user at a time with its bounded resources. here we talked about the particular region of the wsns but when we talked about the integration of the wsns with the iot, we open the access of the node to the world. it is implied by the malicious code in the node. it seems fascinating but it is a strenuous task to implement the encryption model in wsns which comes with a large number of nodes. it is very much difficult for the sensor node to keep track of all the communication.

internet of things (iot), a phenomenon that connects various things or objects also referred as internet of nonliving things, these non-living things can be made communicable with the help of sensor nodes.wsn is mainly an innovation utilized inside an iot framework, a large number of sensors in a wsn can be utilized to independently assemble information and send information through a switch to the internet in an iot framework. in an iot system the connecting devices need to be smart by making them intelligent using technologies like wsn, radio frequency identification (rfid), mobile communication and internet. the mobile communication technology and internet plays an important role for setting up a communication channel for an iot system, thus iot is a network of things (physical) controlled by the internet. the iot devices such as sensors, lights, meters etc.

the wsn acts as the foundation for iot applications, remote sensor frameworks have dynamically become promoters of colossal information. to meet open approach destinations under these conditions, smart cities need to change and create in a shrewd manner, without dismissing the issues of energy efficiency and supportability. the current work has been carried to optimize the energy in a wsn for iot applications. a number of complexities are experienced in designing a wsn for a particular application like the number of sensing nodes required, the energy consumption, lifetime of sensing nodes, type of information to be sensed, and location of sensing nodes.

iot devices and applications are used to process extracted data from wsn devices and transmit them to remote locations. this chapter gives detailed study about the different applications of iot with the integration of wsn (wireless sensor networks) with internet connectivity. this paper proposes a real-time iot-based wsn with configurable nodes with multiple sensors. the nodes can collect data from the surrounding environment, and, what is internet of things , what is internet of things .

in [39] the authors have mentioned that the iot and wsn are supporting a large number of applications like logistics support, emergency services, and several other applications. not only are the vehicles with sensors but number of sensors are also used on the roads to enhance the road safety and conditions. wireless sensor networks provide efficient solutions to the ubiquitous healthcare system. wsns for healthcare have emerged in recent years due iot and wsns are the prime moving force for technology in the current world. wsns unfold their capacity day by day in almost every aspect of life. energy consumption has become a prime concern in designing wireless sensor networks (wsn) for the internet of things (iot) applications. smart cities worldwide, .

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