zigbee wireless hub

shipping & tax information: 1. please use the discount code on the checkout page to get the discount. 2. free shipping on orders over $49.99 for most countries. 3. ships from china by default, unless a shipping location list appears above. 4. cross-border parcels may incur customs duties, which in principle should be borne by the buyer. for more details, please refer to shipping policy. moes is a brand for anyone interested in using high-quality smart home devices to enjoy a whole-house intelligent lifestyle. our mission is to design and provide comprehensive solutions to house devices for the enjoyment of our honored customers. moes believes that “more smart, more green”. note:two versions optional with wired and wireless connectivity. the maximum quantity that can be connected to the wireless hub is 50,and 300 for wired hub.

this smart home hub allows you to use voice control when connected to alexa, google assistant, or homekit-enabled devices.this smart home tuya zigbee 3.0 hub gateway, wifi smart home bridge wireless remote controller – small smart home hub zigbee gateway compatible with alexa/google home(1/3packs). think of nodes as small transmitters that function in the same way as a wireless router. zigbee’s ability to support mesh networking means, zigbee hub devices, zigbee hub devices, zigbee compatible devices, zigbee hub alexa, zigbee smart home.

zigbee creates a mesh, where each interoperable device becomes a sort of outpost, able to communicate with the next device. because we’re going smart tuya zigbee 3.0 gateway hub wireless remote control iot for linked zigbee devices compatible with alexa google ass specifications: app:smart life tuya app wireless connection:zigbee wifi frequency:2.4ghz total number connected:50 for wireless,300 for wired working, best zigbee hub, zigbee hub app.

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